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Rothman Associates- Trade Application

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Trade Account Application

Sales tax

By law, Rothman Associates Inc. and its subsidiaries is required to collect sales tax in any state or jurisdiction where we have a corporate office and/or showroom or may otherwise be doing business. Sales tax charges are based on the state or jurisdiction the orders are shipped to, and not the state or jurisdiction the business resides in. Customers who provide us with a valid resale tax certificate are not charged sales tax when goods are shipped into that state. By entering into a Terms and Conditions agreement with Rothman Associates Inc., you acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for being in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws, including responsibility for paying all applicable state and local taxes imposed on the distribution/sales of any applicable products. You also acknowledge and agree that you are required to provide a State Resale Certificate or Exemption form to Rothman Associates Inc. at to be considered tax exempt in a specific state or jurisdiction. Rothman Associates Inc. and its subsidiaries is not responsible for those taxes that you are legally required to pay or collect from consumers at the point of sale. Rothman Associates Inc. does not warrant the operation and validity of the resale certificate. It is your responsibility to provide Rothman Associates Inc. with a valid and appropriate “Resale Tax Exemption Certificate”, to demonstrate under applicable law that products sold and delivered to you are delivered for resale in the ordinary course of business and therefore not subject to sales or other applicable tax, if any at the time of sale from Rothman Associates Inc. to you.
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Please attach your signed copy of your Tax ID / Reseller Certificate

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